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— by Ted Ted
OMG - morons, pyschopaths & mental defectives.

Robert you deluded brain washed fool. What a boob you are from the word go.

Hammer nailed it start to finish. Scumbags, sellout's, traitors etc.; the mud bucket carpenter brigade with no tools, no skills, no real world experience as a ground up carpenter, zero work ethic & a penchant for throwing their fellow union brothers under the bus & crawling over the dead bodies left in the wake to get up front & center at the no knee pads required line with McCarron & his minions & all of it for the sake of self.

You A-ssholes have no clue what a brother or sister is, what it means to work or play on a team or how to meet the accelerated scheduling of the modern era while maintaining quality.

You've all sold out with rate jobs at 60%-80% of contracted wages, thousands of PLA agreements; all while always, always voting yourselves exhorbitant pay raises while simultaneously violating a Standing Order of the UBCJA General Convention from 1887 against "Grading Wages"  while you reduce the wages of the men on the fiedl generating the funds which pay your exhoritant salaries. Grading Wages is demoralizing to the brotherhood; remember? Try reading that Facially Unlawful UBCJA Constitution which you all claim to be gospel.

I guarantee you the group you named above couldn't build a simple saw horse or small tool shed unsupervised in the 4-days of the 2015 general convention If I'm wrong, set it up and we'll be looking for it at the General Convention. Put up or shut up. See if you can organize this in time for the Convention. 1000-1 odds against.

BTW, under Doug's alleged leadership, membership ranks have fallen from 1.3 Million to roughly 475k.