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Proud of the leadership
— by Robert M. Marshall Robert M. Marshall
As a 43 year member, retired, I've seen a lot. I was for change in 93, not a very popular position in my local, as a former organizer I believed then and now these changes saved our union. Organize Or Die, three words that say it all. I have been a supporter of Doug McCarron from the first time I heard him layout his vision for the future of our union. Delegates, stay with the best team that's ever led our great union.
General President- Doug McCarron
Doug Baines -1st Vice
Andy Silins-Sec. Treas.
Frank Spenser-2nd Vice
Phil Newkirk-Western Dist.
Dave Tharp-Central Dist.
Jim Smith-Canada
Mike Capelli -Eastern Dist.
Dan Maples-Southern Dist.