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— by Ted Ted
Horne v. Department of Agriculture, Decided June 22, 2015
Oral Argument & Transcripts:

Ever get raisins in a school lunch free of charge? Wondering where all those raisins went that ain't in your Raisin Bran? This case is nothing more than a shakedown by Government bureaucrats, akin to the same exact thing the Mob does - shaking down businesses.

No different here in the UBCJA & the 25-year shakedown of the NYCDCC by Doug McCarron, the USAO & the Federal District Court via an illegally imposed Consent Decree held to be legal wherein members are not even afforded the right to standing in a court of law because the Government Bureaucrats & thieves at the UBCJA International are making way too much money off your dumb asses while running you into the ground with idiotic & unconstitutional rulings.

All suspects (the USAO, RO, NYCDCC & UBCJA International) and their associated legal counsel are guilty until proven innocent in Judge Bermans Kanagaroo Court of (alleged) law, ahh crap - I meant Innocent until Proven Guilty - or did I?