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I don't know if she is innocent or guilty. However she should have been drug tested when she got back from Vegas; once the charges were made known. The school has a manditory drug test policy for all applicants for entry to the apprentice program.  
The school and or the apprenticeship program is subject of many jokes amongst the union carpenters. Many question Spicers meteoric rise to power after being by all accounts not very good of a carpenter and running on and backing all of the Mike Forde tickets only serves to high light this obvious double standard. Remember with the protected victims class it is; do as I say not as I do! It is also apparent that the school does not want smart people down there around her. I know of countless highly qualified well respected carpenters  some who have masters degrees and have been teaching for over ten years on the outside in private colleges or in CUNY as adjunct lecturers who stood up to the treachery of Mike Forde and his minions who will never be in consideration for a job down in the council or in the school.
Lastly: What was her and many others qualification for the job when they were put in to their positions. We will never know because you question Liberals, fascists, communist, and or socialist will be called one of two things if you ask, 1.) a racist or a 2.) a sexist or even worse 3.) "What difference does it make"  And it works every time!