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THESE ARE NOT YOUR FATHERS DEMOCRATS!! These people are nuts! The shit that is going on in this country is absolutely unbelievable. America is unrecognizable. The news stations that lie and cover up for Obama and the left have so many stupid people believing their bullshit it make you lose faith in human nature. It's not hard to find out the truth these days. It's easier than ever in fact. People on the right are so much more informed because of news stations like fox that sooner or later it has to come to a head. For years all you hear is fox news lies, but they can't give you one example of what they lied about. These are people who have never watched fox news. They have to be. All I can tell them is that if you want to finally get your head out of your ass, and actully know what is going on in your country, then just start getting news from the only people who report it as it is. Yes they are a conservative news organization, but unlike the liberal media they have no problem reporting bad shit about a republican or conservative if thats what the news dictates. We now live in a America where everything bad is okay, and everything that was always good isn't. All created by the left with their political correctness and all the rest of their bullshit. Look at the whole Michael Brown thing. The cop is the bad guy, and the scumbag who just strong armed some little old guy working 16 hours a day for pennies is the good guy. Then they have you believe that there is an epidemic of white cops killing black men. Forget the stats. Forget that 1% of black men are killed by cops, and 93% of them are killed by other black men. Then you had the occupy wall street jerkoffs. Robbing and raping, shiting in the streets, destroying businesses in the area, annoying people going to work. That's the side the dems stood with. At the same time the tea party people were labled as radicals and racists by the liberal media. A bunch of working class mothers, fathers, grandparents with their kids peacefully protesting and waving American flags...and what were they protesting? Lower taxes, less government intrusion, and personal responsibility. How does the left keep getting away with this shit? THE LIBERAL MEDIA! Everything I just said is fact.... and if you can prove any of it wrong, bring it on. You dumb Obama loving motherfuckers wouldn't know any of it because you don't watch fox news. You watch the networks that got that moron elected, and won't say a bad thing about him know matter how many fucked up things he does. We are dying in this country, and your kids will be paying for his sick spending of taxpayer money long after you are dead, and we might pay for it sooner than that because of him these terrorist scumbags are stronger than ever. He has so much blood on his hands it's unspeakable. Tens of thousands of women and children mutilated in the worse way because this asshole knows better than seasoned generals and military people. He caused it, and now he refuses to do anything about it while they grow stronger and stronger, and if you don't think they'll be here sooner or later, you keep watching MSNBC and continue to think everything is going good here in the good old USA like Obama and his buddies in the media keep telling you.