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Under Obama the rich have gotten richer, and the middleclass poorer. The average household income is down $3000. He's created twice as much debt as Bush who he called unamerican for adding 6 trillion. What is he if Bush is unamerican? Every single thing about Obamacare was a lie. He uses the IRS to go after honest American taxpayers. He drew thousands of illegal immgrants here then shit all over the constitution to make them citizens when there are no jobs for Americans. All for future votes. These immigrants will be taking tons of union jobs within a few years. It's nearly impossible for middleclass Americans to get by these days because of his insane policies and spending. I dont want to go to the doctor anymore because of the bills I get. My doctor wants me to get a colonoscopy and Im putting it off. I get hundreds of dollars in bills for bloodwork. My wifes brother is in his fifties, living with his mother, and hasn't had a job in ten years. He just had a colonoscopy, got eyeglasses, and went to the dentist. He didn't pay a dime. He said he got Obamacare. He thought it was fantastic. I have Hep C. Just got another bill for bloodwork for $110. I have to have blood taken every two weeks because of the new Hep C medication I'm taking. If I was on welfare, or a junkie on a Methodone program I wouldn't pay a dime. Thank you Obama, and the democrats. I ask you, how in Gods name can any working middleclass person vote for a party who's answer to everything is raising his taxes to give it to people who haven't done anything to earn it. Entitlements don't help the middleclass you fucking asshole! Spending like a drunken socialist doesn't help the working class! All the republican run states are thriving you fucking dummy. This man has destroyed this country! You like taking it in the ass, don't you? Either that, or your a real asshole. This man is incapable of telling the truth. You have him on film and he still lies, and you blame fox news. They are the only news network telling people what's really happening. You morons who watch MSNBC don't even know what happened with the IRS. They hardly reported on it. They wont report on anything that shows their messiah in a bad light. Nothing about Bergdahl the deserter who because he deserted 6 men in his unit were killed. Obama trades this piece of shit for 5 of the worse American killing scumbags on the face of the earth, then tells us they wont go back to the battlefield. Really. One of them already has. He invites the deserters father to the white house where he recites the Koran in the dialect of the Taliban. Then he sends his top moron Susan Rice out on news shows to say Bergdahl served honorably, and with distinction. When the men in the deserters unit who actually served honorably were outraged, liberal scum like the ny times belittled these good men by saying they were just a bunch of ragtags who walked around poorly dresssed at their stations. You can't make this shit up. Not a word from the liberal media once again, and this moron talks about fox news. That piece of shit Obama didn't call any of the mens families who died searching for that scumbag, let alone invite them to the white house. I can go on forever. You want to talk about Jonathan Gruber? The guy none of the democrats knew, yet there are tons of film with them glorifying the guy. Liberals are destroying this country with insanity. What about the keystone pipeline? Is the democrats fighting against that good for working men? All those union jobs lost because of democrats. Wake up guys! The wealthy create jobs, not the government. Give the corporations tax breaks and they come back to America. It's not rocket science. Would you keep your company here if the government wants half the profits? They also have an obligation to their stockholders. Democrats have killed business in this country with their insane taxes and regulations. The small business person has died in America because of democrats. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!