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Re: The New York City District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College 2nd in command under Investigation for Drug Abuse
— by Steve McInnis,      President  Steve McInnis, President
The investigation is being conducted by none other than  "woof woof" Scott Danielson, and he will get to the bottom of this.

but first we at the NYCDCC all have to take turns flying first class to Las Vegas!
Only by following the trail of self destruction that leads  one of our own into drug abuse, can we all bear witness to what type of rehab will be necessary to treat this painful affliction.

  Of course we will have to hire double the current staff to maintain the level of production currently taking place at the LTC and  at the NYCDCC, and we will be obliged to double the current salary rate of all positions, both at 395 Hudson St. and at the labor technical college, due to the increase of  hostile work environments caused by rampant drug abuse recently discovered at these locations.

There is a drug policy in place, and it is as follows:

All known  illicit street drugs will be voluntarily tested for purity,  freshness, and potency on a routine basis at the district council.
Just turn over the drugs to be tested to any suspect person @ 395 Hudson St.,or bring it to The Council's Labor Technical College Executive Director, Elly Spicer,  and you will not only receive privileged favor  among the various  district council employees, you might just start a decent side business......