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Democrats are on the take just like republicans. H.R. 83 proves it. Shumer and many democrats voted for it, But it destroy. Mccaron Backed it, but it destroys your pension. John do your home work and read H.R. 83. Don't be lazy. Research it. Also Google Mccaron writes letter to congress to support H.R. 83. You will see how your best buddy Mccaron wants to destroy his own members pensions. Mccaron wants to be relieved of the yoke of responsibility for any failing pension plans and H.R. 83 allows him to lower retirees guaranteed pension monthly payments, or eliminate them all together. Bill H.R. 83 also take away the government backing of our pension funds at 75 cents on the dollar. It eliminates any bailout of our pension funds should Mccaron and his cronies fail in their bid to keep our defined pensions solvent. Wake up john the system is corrupt and rigged. DECERTIFICATION IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN AS MEMBERS TAKE BACK OUR UNION AND RUN IT ACCORDING TO THE MEMBERS NEEDS.