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— by Inwood Irish Inwood Irish
Tommy, I am glad you had the courage to admit that you did not write that propaganda that was spewed on this site. I know you are not good of a writer! However; you are guilty of the same crimes you accuse those who get their news from Fox. One thing is absolute and undeniable: the rich got richer under Obama and the middle class has been crushed.
It is hard to believe anything the democrats say! Our health insurance is going up, out of pockets expenses are increasing, doctor choice is more limited. We are more polarized than ever. Our foreign policy is deeply flawed; our enemies don't fear us and our allies don't trust us!  
As long as you have this blind allegiance to the so called party of the working class they will continue to crap all over the working man.
One final note and be honest with yourself; What have the democrats done for labor, answer: nothing in the last 6 years.