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— by alpineto alpineto
It boggles my mind when i see whats going on in the industry
all the non union work thats going on , and the members don,t seem
to mind , well i have news for you the members your done for if you
don,t get involved somehow , all those years you worked so hard for
so you could have a nice retirement . well your pension isn,t guaranteed
imagine working for thirty years and being told your only going to get a third
of what you where supposed to get , if we go under that,s exactly whats going to happen
so wake the fuck up & contact your local politicians and tell them your not happy with whats
going on on these non union sites , 65% of the workforce are illegal immigrants on these sites .
theres no way on this earth that we can compete against them , when there willing to work 10 11 12
hour days 6 days a week  for peanuts .