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— by striker striker
Bring respect back to the brotherhood,bring pride.Alot of our members forgot where they came from,it is a for gottan shame.Good union men do the right thing.the members that do the wrong thing,get away with murder.Start rewading the good members with work,the is alot to overcome and alot of objectives to succeed,let us all as a union do our part.We have good leaders ,we have good organizers,as well as good rank and file men,inorder to succeed we have to come togerther to improve moral,make our union stronger,more worker friedly laws to protect our men and women.Keep the hours flowing in,it gradually will hopefully get a 2 years of reserves in the benefits or welfare fund.these are the things that we should be shooting for.,then from there maybe we could improve the dental plan ,when it is substanable.1 most important issue hold contractors responsible who owe benefits to pay up,it definetly would improve everything for everyone,especially for members with familys.Hard work is a head of us,but we all shall prevail witha inner sence of faith andhope and determination to make our brotherhood beter and more efficent to the members.