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— by Steve McInnis,      President  Steve McInnis, President
It's us cronies against you retards- get it? Pay your fucking dues and keep your mouths shut! It's a good thing you fools don't post anything on the NYCDCC website! You would have you asses handed to you in a sling! McCarron protects us, we kiss his ass and worship the ground he walks on. We make double or triple what you asshole whiners make, plus we will retire with two or three pensions! So what if we are all whores- it beats working for a living!!! If you ass-wipes think McDorky will help you, think again, he is already on McCarrons payroll, just like that faggot Dennis "When do I swallow, sir?" Walsh. We make the big bucks because we make the rules. Don't like it? Turn in your card and go to work as a union laborer. They will always hire ex carpenters, and make them work twice as hard.....