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Make the union stronger,be active,do your part,stop pointing fingers at one another,give our leadership achance,keep accounablity about everyday events,help the union when they need the help,go to union meetings,impower the apprentices,be amentor,give back,and make us all stronger,our problems are with the onunion.we need new fresh ,prespective ideas,newer approaches,more agressive salting of jobs to get imformation on the contractors.we need more labor politicians,we need all the help,andlateral support such as community board meetings to get thepublic on our side.get church organizations,groups that support the union for better working conditions,unionlabor laws and ohsa labor that will protect our members working out in the field.gangbox talk about safety wll keep the contractor aware we value safety and take it seriously.protect each other,this our union,it is a brotherhood and sisterhood,keep it strong and lets start problem solving to make it better for everyone.remember,when u are on the job,u must stress and explain for survival and strength and making and achiveing marketshare,we must all stay in volved and do our part to succeed.strength is in numbers,lets bring back pride and get our  marketshare injury to 1 is a injury to all.we do not want that.we need to move forward to improving everything to make it better for our union,our members,our leadership,our dc reps,our organizers,all the people at the disrict council,our own familys and everybodys familys,make the change,make it good,because it effects us all.soldarity and promise of strength to all a good steward.