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— by shoppy luv shoppy luv
i agree with what you are saying 100% but i heard the same thing "benny" the higher ups before they even sent out the job posting, they  had the 4 people they wanted to hire for the jobs. And to get their "boys" in they waited for Walsh to leave so they had free reign to hire who ever they wanted. Walsh may have done a lot of negative things but at least he kept the hierarchy in check. With him now gone its going to slowly turn into a free for all again for the people in power to do whatever they want. All i'm saying is with certain hires of card carrying members like these there should be some type of "check" put in place to ensure that the right person for the right job is hired not who rubs the balls the best while playing golf, who goes hunting with, etc. For example, they nominate who they want then a silent vote by the delegates for who gets to represent our union out in the field dealing with Contractors, Building Owners, Politicians, etc. it's only fair that way. Similar to the same way a U.S. President nominates a Supreme Court Justice and Congress votes to approve