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Without stronger representation from our dcreps,we are doomed.Do not get me wrong,there are good reps,but having stonge leadership skills to back up the steward and the members on the job is the most important that should be qualified.Good men fight and protect our jurisdiction and stand strong to make sure the contracts are being properly enforced.Good education comes from a member with at least10 to 15 yrs in the field wotking with his tools.u have to know how to talk to the.keep a open line of communication between good union brothers on the job,good communication with the rep,and also with the contractor.The steward is the problem solver who should be able to re solve a disputed issue if it develops.exp,patience,keeping good notes of when,how,where,what time,etc.There are labor laws and labor protections that protect the steward and the members.Learn them,god forbid ,someday u may need them.Good luck to all and good intentions to our members,our dcreps and everybody who wants to keep our union stronge.our union will survive because i believe everyone will do there part to help us succeed.good luck and union forever.