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— by Unamagus Unamagus
Believe half of what you read and nothing of what your told!
  I'm not big on copy and paste. You can tell me what and why you think the way you do yourself.
  I don't care for big government telling me "Don't do too well or we will take from you and curse you. After all, "You didn't build that." Meaning you got help, and We determine how much you have to pay. I don't like this class warfare. There are socialistic ideals being proposed, and I can't list all the hypocrisy involved. We are free to succeed or fail, and that is what freedom is.
  I don't dislike those that succeed, I have earned a good living because of wealthier people. I freely support those that are less fortunate with taxes, church offerings, and charitable contributions. Which is a higher percentage than the very people demanding more.
  I believe in livable wages for warranted  work. Not raising a family working at McDonalds or minimum wage jobs that were meant for entry level workers. I'll stop here, so my blood pressure stays under control.
                                  Too old to explain again what this country meant to LEGAL immigrants!