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— by steward steward
            The message of brotherhood should be taken to the highest of degree. Our forefathers sacrificed alot and had long dangerous strikes for achivements we have obtained today.I for one do not take it lightly.I take it with honor and integrity for being able to being a carpenter with thegreatest union here in nyc.We have achived 8hr day,labor day off,a good pension to have for our golden years,annuity package that will help us all survive for our future.our dental package is okay,but it it still will have to improve to take less out of pocket deductables for the members.Working along my brothers and sisters is still a mild achivement,everyone learns different ideas,become the greatest of mechanics,takes pride of there work,teach our apprentices,they are our future.We all learn valuable lessons and become good mechanics who will show the greatest production and fine craftsenship for our union and for the contractor.Remember,when a brother or sister is having difficulty,pick him or her up and teach them what to do.These are the things that make us a better brotherhood and stronger brotherhood.We all got to carry the flame to our younger members,it is a symbol of solidarity and respect and should be held to the highest degree to make our young members the best like us in order to have agood future with agood pension.God bless the union,God bless the nyc carpenters for being the best to keeping our city proud of the accomplishments we have all succeed.strength is in numbers and knowledge is power with a good education to be the best we all could be.Insolidarity along time union steward.