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" I was shown a letter from Doug McCarron asking for the support of this individual in recruiting the support of others in my area. One has to assume that this kind of recruiting was being done throughout the organization. I asked how much he had to kick in - being paid staff -- and I was told that he had made a $100 contribution. I hesitated for a moment, and was then told that all of the other delegates from my local union were already on board. I declined his offer, stating that I felt an obligation to hear from all of the candidates -- before making my decision.
At the convention, numerous reports from different parts of the country began to surface indicating that the $100 level of contribution for staff members was the apparent standard or "expected" campaign donation.

Imagine being on the union payroll as either a Business Representative or Organizer, and then being approached by your Boss and asked for a financial contribution? Would this make you feel a little uneasy?

Can you imagine anyone on the payroll not having the common sense to make a "voluntary" campaign contribution for their Boss's re-election campaign? Would such a contribution be by definition -- a good career choice decision?

Listed on "The McCarron Team" campaign literature appears roughly 2,500 names. If the going "contribution" rate was $100 for each name, this would represent political campaign funds of $250,000 going towards their re-election efforts.

Carpenter Union District Councils throughout the land are run by Administrative Assistants who report directly to the General President, Doug McCarron. These Administrators have the authority to hire and fire union Business Representatives and Organizers. Do you believe that if anyone declined to make such a contribution that they would still have their job next month? Maybe yes, maybe no -- after all, I'm just asking the question. What do you think? All I know, is that the names of every paid staff person from my area are on the list"".

It is said that about 85% of the elected delegates are paid staff. Understand that these positions are appointed. There is no real job security; therefore, while job performance may certainly be a top priority, so is doing whatever keeps your Boss happy - and this should be of concern to us all. Our union is increasingly run from the top down, rather than by traditional means. Communication tends to be one way only. Our leadership does not promote open communications amongst the members and seldom are the concerns of working carpenters represented by their Business Reps. and taken up the ladder. Make no mistake, this is an erosion of trade union democracy.

While getting the support of the hired help is one thing, winning the hearts and minds of the members - with no purse strings attached - is quite another.

Now just shut up and pay your fucking dues.