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standing together as a union
— by union guy union guy
We as a union have to start acting as one .Stop writing  what s wrong and
doing something about it . We are a brotherhood . Stand together ,be part of the teaching of
apprentices ,helping a brother get thru the day when he needs a hand.
Most of what we read hear is men acting like children fighting over toys .
For the young men who think its all about the amount of product you install
will see that as you get in the years your body slows down .
  If this thing of ours is going to last we must stand behind our leaders
Last week i did picket duty in NJ and was happy to see the EST was there with the men
Brothers I don t know the man at all and hope he will not let the job get to his head like
his predecessors .
We are not a bunch of company men or hall guys .We are a UNION .Start acting like you care