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Working nonunion as your husband claims to put food on thetable,i understand,but why let yourself be subjectedfor working for peanuts.It is against the union constitution and by laws to work scab work.There is an old saying in this business,any injury to 1 is a injury to all.If we do not stay united as a brotherhood or sisterhood ,we will all weaken and everything we worked hard for over the years will fall to the wayside.Our older members have sacrificed and faced alot of hard obstacles to make the union abetter place for future tradesmen and future tradeswomen.The 7 and 8hr day where achived wih strikes thatresulted in members being arrested.Being productive to keeping our great union contractors prooofetable to keep our union carpenters employed.Working hours per member to be able to have a good pension and good annuity plan to be able to survive when it is time to retire.Every member knows hard victoryies to make jobs union do not come easy.We all have to stick togerther andstand up tall for what is best or the union and its members.Do not forget this saying,Live stronger,Work Union.Only the good,the proud will survive.,Work hard and the big rewards will come later on.Work safe and help each union brother and sister out,it will make us a better union and stronger solidarity,a good union steward.