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— by joe joe
first off, your barking up the wrong website(blog). nobody cares here. well,maybe some do? I have been a steward for 21 years,in for 26 years. your husband shouldnt be working non-union construction(i am assuming thats what he was doing)while a member of the nydcc!! yeah, you got a family to feed ,bills to pay,( read this part over and over again). IF everyone one did what your husband did we would not have a union,plain and simple. he can work non-union,he just has to leave the union. I know that our union is not what it used to be, but most of us have a lot of time invested and retirement is next. IF your husband is under 35 i would recommend he quit. but i dont know how much time he has invested? i am assuming since your on here crying about it is because hes young and you both dont understand how this works. IF hes been in the union for 10 or more years he should know better.