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— by Not John Musumeci Not John Musumeci
The Sheriff is gone now. He left town for good, yet his wanted poster remains, posted. There has been talk among the townsfolk to have this aberration removed from this blogspot, for the sight of his bald head remind visitors of this site of the tyranny he perpetuated, much like his hero, Doug McCarron. He used the same game plan to take power from members as the UBC president. He positioned himself as judge , jury, and executioner, all in one shiny-headed package, while amassing a personal fortune. His photograph on the blogspot stands as a constant nagging reminder of the full suffrage of the rank and file.

  The request is now posted to have the images of Dennis Walsh removed from this blog site. This responsibility is John Musumeci's, and his alone. Starting from the second this post goes up, a "timeclock" is in place to display the level of concern by a members of the NYCDCC to take action, or to ignore this request and let it be an example of more " business as usual"....