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— by Cronies Cronies
Sorry John but your post seems to have been written by Walsh, and is utter crap.
First I would point out that these ass clowns have not found anything. These guys work ethic would make you think that they were trying for the guiness book of records for the longest coffee break ever.
which kind of shoots your theory on cost savings down the toilet, reminds me of the car salesman who tried to convince me that he had saved me a fortune on gas since the car he sold me would never run.
The union recognized the value in ridding the union of two incompetent investigators who reminded the members of an incompetent court appointed officer who was just as effective as his two buddies that he tried to pawn off on us.
And improving the IG's office? Only Dennis could attempt that line of crap. The IG's office is to crime investigation what lego bricks are to construction.
What Dennis has left us with is a spineless CCO, a corrupt IG, and a  a worthless HR department, but that is not the saddest part, what we did have for a while was an overpriced but effective trial committee, and Dennis traded that in for the same system we had before he got his promotion to top ball licker.
Since Dennis has done nothing, there is no traction to any claim that the million plus that we spent on his two cop buddies were a cost savings. All Dennis has achieved is to rape us for 10 million dollars with nothing to show for it.