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Sal is a proven leader and i witness first hand on a job when i needed advice with a job situation.i think he exemtifys a good stward and a good leader.with all the nonsence going on at the council,we need good leaders who worked out in the field who could handle the problems we face everyday.proven strong leaders will back up its membership and in turn make us a stronger union,everybody has to do there part for in order of the union to get better.lowering the deductables on medical,improve our organizing department,improving the out of work list,keeping all our members employed first,this in turn will bring the man hours up.never critisize or stab your brother or sister in the back,encourage,help,set the example that we are all true professional union men and women who will not back down to good leaders and make our whole organization a good union with good people who really do solidarity a good steward who has seen it all.p.s.stick togerther and it will make the union stronger.