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— by Bill K. Bill K.
I dont know Sal personally but I know his local acted in the best interest of its members by serving their members needs through dental and optical coverage for its members.I would ask every member to think about that accomplishment on their budget as a local. now think of the DC with its considerable resources and they couldnt provide those services. What the DC did do was make contractors richer through feigned incompetence with the MWA, the concrete strike and the neverending PLAS. The dc has continued to spend money on lawyers and less than competent personnel as long as said personnel would say yes to all of their wishes to screw the members out of more money. Think about the fact that the consent decree is 24 years old and the feds still havent stop the corruption.A real est at the DC who have filed a lawsuit against the SDNY for nonexistant enforcement of federal law. Ask yourself how we kept getting robbed with federal monitors like Conboy watching? Is that in the best intrest of the citizens as well as the membership who foots the bill always. So Sal had some misjudgments in his younger years but hes still come out swinging for the membership. Isnt that what a Union leader is supposed to do?