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The March & Organized Labor
— by Norman Norman
More marched in the environment march than watched the Labor Day parade. The large Sunday turnout by organized labor (not the carpenters) shows that Labor (not the carpenters) realizes that there are alliances out there that are important. Do we have to agree with everything that every other group believes? Hardly. Who do we have more in common with?
You don’t like where they came from? You don’t like the way they smell? They aren’t welcome at your table? OK. When was the last time you were invited to brunch with Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, Donald Trump, or at The Business Round Table with McCarron and the posers from the top of Hudson Street? Who do we need to be our allies?
What are you, a dupe, a fool or a ‘house n∞∞∞∞r’? Am I politically incorrect? What would you know anyway, you’re a carpenter.