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Re: “300 Hitters Club” 2,000 hours for calendar year 2013, Really?
— by Retired Retired
Hey, am I reading this correctly? How many members agree with Mr. Bill and his feelings that guys who are working steady aren't "real" members? That somehow you need to have been on the owl, or your earning the ability to become a "Shop" man, or foreman is a bad thing.
    This divisive speech about others that worked hard to achieve success is an ongoing  thorn in the possible growth of members coming together. Yes I know there are exceptions on the two types of employment opportunities available to union members, but knocking one over the other with broad strokes is NOT the way to a more unified membership.
    Some feel ALL shop men bend for the owners. This is another of many stereotypes that are false. The same can be said of some "shop men" saying ALL owl members are lazy and unskilled.
    I've witnessed all these name calling events for the 30 years I was active. Each member who is worth their salt is a worthy of a pat on the back, and at least from this retired member, a big thank you for your hard work and willingness to contribute all hours to support members who paved the way for you!  God Bless the one who speaks encouragement, not criticism.