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“300 Hitters Club” 2,000 hours for calendar year 2013, Really?
— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh
I think the ignominy of the U.B.C.’s criteria of over 2000 work hours per year mandating what one must achieve to be a future leader and join the exclusive “300 Hitters Club” is reprehensible. The “Building Leadership for a Strong Future” program created by the U.B.C. and supported by the NYCDCC, is overlooking all the hard working Carpenters that are really the ones doing the heavy lifting for our union. Sure, it’s nice to invite all the company Foreman, Supers and steady company workers out for a member paid, tour of the facilities in Vegas, eight months before the 2015 General Convention but what is the real agenda?

How many of these “future leaders” attend their local union meetings, have ever been on the out of work list or had to go on unemployment to feed their families? Do these “leaders” relate to what the rank and file members deal with on a daily basis accepting PLA’s and working harder, for less money? They are out of touch with the real work force in our union and enjoy the perks of being a company “full mobility” “full time” employee.

The history of the U.B.C. and the Labor movement, communications workshops, teaching mentoring skills, meeting with UBC Officers, and discussing the vision of the future of the Union is something that should be happening for all members, not only the chosen few lucky enough to stay employed. Real leadership would figure out a way to reach out to all of the membership with this vision and not believe one can learn it in a three day seminar and become a “leader”.

Leaders can emerge from the most unlikely of places as long as we provide the opportunity, experience, and training for all. All for one, one for all. God bless the U.B.C.

Bill Walsh
Local 157