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— by Ted Ted
Norman, contrary to your views anyone born in this country on our soil is a Native American, so you should get off your high horse on this subject.

We're not all playing hunter-gatherer at the Supermarket or at Walmart. Some of us still plant maze, and vegetables and fruit and we hunt for our own meat. We even have horses and cows. We have hound dogs to track & shoot game such as rabbit, deer & wild turkey.

The building & energy codes no longer allow us to cover our homes with animal hides (you understand - right). Some of us build log cabins too & we heat our homes with trees we fell, cut, split, stack & season. We also make furniture from the trees too (cradles, desks, chairs, tables. We even turn our own baseball bats).

To save money we even reload our own ammo. When rabid animals (bear, coyote, fox etc.) are around, we don't call the ASPCA, animal control or the local TV Stations & cry like woman, nope - we track them down & kill them ourselves. We also use bows & arrows.

We're resourceful and we respect the land and we waste nothing.

Perhaps you should get out of the city once in a while. Your claims that no one else is a native American are absolutely false. Why, it's akin to Clinton or Obama claiming to be the first black President.

If you do leave the city we can teach you how to build fire Norm. Fire good Norm (we wouldn't want you to freeze to death or starve while you are away from the hunter gatherer zone of the local mall).