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I'm wondering? Are the active members going to get PPO? That's how it was before this when we paid for Cigna. We got a letter saying retired members pay $50 a month for the DMO, and the active members got the ppo. Boy, would that be disgraceful. I paid for all the guy who retired with full no-cost benefits all the years I worked. Been paying $235 a month for the past 2 years for medical. Now its gonna be cut in half, which is great. Still not free like the guys I helped pay for. But this dental for the retirees is absolutely horrible. All you guys working out there, dont forget time flys. You'll be retired before you know it. Set yourself up right if you are smart. Stand up and be heard. Set up your future. Complaining is how unions were started. That moron above who thinks members complain to much doesnt have the brains to realize that. You dont complain about injustices, and they'll keep shoving it up your ass.