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You are 100% right. most of the dentist are from "Great Expressions Dental", a horrible place that robs you blind and treats you worse then a dog. Just read some of the reviews on the internet. I know people who have gone there, and warned me to stay the hell away. This DMO shit is horrible. The good dentists take PPO. I paid $50 a month for the Cigna crap we had before this. Same doctors. Had me go to these Hindus who are robbing people blind. Needed a crown replaced because I had a root canal peformed under it. The crown cracked. This money pit took xrays and made a list of thousands of dollars of work they say I needed. All I'm thinking is just fix the fucking crown. They call me 2 weeks later and say my responsibility is $780. I look in the book and there is nothing that cost that much. They pick out 5 or 6 things they say has to be done. Its a God damned scam. I called Cigna and they do nothing to look into it. They tell me if you didn't have insurance it would cost $4500.00. $4500 for one fucking crown? Got rid of Cigna. Was happy to hear about this Aetna thing until I went looking for a primary care dentist. This is absolute garbage and you will not get 100% of basic work and 80% of special stuff. They will milk you dry and nobody gives a flying fuck. The only thing that might not cost you is xrays and cleanings. The cleanings will be fast and inefficient. When I had the root canal done I lucked out because the Hindus were on vacation and it was an emergency because I had an infection, and alot of pain. Cigna said find a licensed endodontist that does root canals and they would reimburse me. The dentist gave me gas and it was painless. $1300 and they reimbursed me the whole thing. If the Hindu money pit was opened I cant imagine what it would have cost, as well as the pain I would have endured from them trying to get me out as fast as possible. The Hindus are on the Aetna list after all the listings for great expressions. Nagpul they're called. I live in Sullivan county now. I'm sure you have a better selection in the city, but they're still bottom of the barrell dentists. The attorney general should really look into the practices of these places, and the insurance companies that let them function. Bottom line is this dental plan is horrible and you'll see for yourselves as you use it. Go to a out of network dentist and get back whatever you can. Its your best bet.