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Change comes in all shapes andsizes.We all need to know  plas are benefit to the contractors.They get to pockit more of our hard earned money.We all need to relialize we the members,the union are the contributors who work very hard to put the benefits backinto the fund.I am well aware the contractors are in  business to make money.our union has fought long battles over the years.and there is no reason to go backwards.We need good leadership who will put there neck on the line and fight for our rights and to have the best possible benefits on the market.Lets move forward and get out and improve our conditions and improve membership has been a long time to get back everything we have lost.We all need to know in order to succeed,we needto get back our marketshare.Elect good delegates that actually will back up the membership.We all need change,if it does not happen,it will get worse.god bless us all ,god bless the union,and its whole membership.