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Attached is the 5 page MOA between the NYCDCC and MWA signed 1-11-14, I page extension contract document dated 7-10-2009 and the CBA between the MWA and the NYCDCC dated 7-1-2007 - 6-30-12.

Under a separate e-mail we anticipate forwarding by tomorrow the final of a Settlement Agreement among the Funds, the MWA, the MWA member-employers, the District Council, and the Hollow Metal Funds. That Settlement Agreement, which depends upon ratification of the MWA Memorandum of Agreement for a new ten-year CBA, provides for settlement of all currently outstanding issues among the Funds, the MWA, the MWA member-employers, and the District Council related to benefit fund delinquencies.

That Settlement Agreement would include the District Council agreeing to cover differences between what the MWA member-employers contributed under the May 2012 Townley Arbitration Award (Merits Award) and what the District Council-MWA CBA provided for employer contributions to the District Council Welfare Fund and the Vacation Fund, making those Funds whole. The attached Memorandum of Agreement and the Settlement Agreement will need to be considered and ratified as a package because both are dependent upon the other.