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— by Ted Ted, re: This law firm is a notorious Union Buster.

Littler's Corporate policies below are indicative of both their desire and the UBCJA General President Doug McCarron's desire to allow both foreign nationals and illegal immigrants to wrest control of your Union and your work jurisdiction in the NYCDCC away from you & yours and turn New York state which is a Non-Right to Work State into a Right to Work (RTW) State.

Awarding the NYCDCC Contractor Associations 100% Mobility in lieu of the failed 2+ year old Compliance component under the contracts (CBA's) executed to date violates Federal Labor laws under the NLRA Section 14(b) by McCarron & Bilello-McGinnis turning New York into a Right to Work (RTW) state via execution of illegal contracts (CBA's), over-turn years of long settled Appellate and Supreme Court precedent decisions and orders and usurps the Congressional authority to legislate via allowing the UBCJA's McCarron & the D.C. EST, President, Vice President & Executive Committee members negotiating contracts to add to, alter, amend or delete language from Federal Labor laws via the CBA's in direct contravention to settled law, the NLRA and the Civil RICO Consent Decree.

Global Mobility and Immigration..

In the complex and fluid arena of U.S. immigration policy, international and U.S. companies face aggressive government enforcement and a rash of new laws. In the ever-evolving global economy, businesses face critical needs for personnel transfers across the globe in a timely and efficient manner to maintain a competitive advantage. Our lawyers have the experience to guide employers through a complex maze of enforcement regulations to maximize effectiveness and anticipate trends that may impact their business operations. In addition to our core practice of dedicated immigration lawyers, Littler maintains a team of highly experienced, trained immigration specialist personnel based in offices throughout the United States.  These non-attorney immigration professionals are available on the ground across the nation to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable immigration counsel and other immigration services at a moment’s notice, wherever and whenever it is needed.

We counsel hundreds of employers with immigration and global migration matters each year as they deal with domestic requirements as well as the legal, political and cultural norms of countries throughout the world.

Our Clients

Our clients include multinational companies, as well as national, regional and local employers, across all industries, who rely on our sound understanding of immigration law to recruit and hire foreign nationals or move staff members around the globe.

With the unpredictable economy and stepped-up government enforcement, we assist these employers in managing Form I-9 employee verification audits, Social Security mismatch letters (translation - SS Mismatch letters are code for Identity Theft and fake SS Cards used to obtain employment), E-Verify requirements and state and federal investigations.

Comprehensive Service

Our practice extends far beyond advising clients on government forms and regulations. An immigration issue can have larger, often unexpected, ramifications for an employer, with implications involving discrimination, wage and hour compliance, labor relations and other employment issues. Littler provides comprehensive services to assist our clients with any employment issues that may arise in the immigration context.

We have extensive experience in reacting quickly to urgent immigration concerns, helping our clients avoid missed deadlines and the costly consequences of delay. Because Littler is able to swiftly assemble a team of experienced professionals, we are well-positioned to obtain the client’s desired outcome.

Immigration issues often capture headlines, and we work with our clients to mitigate any unfavorable press that may arise from these matters.

Attention to Clients’ Business Needs

Littler’s immigration professionals work closely with our clients to devise migration strategies tailored specifically for their business needs. This partnership takes on enhanced importance with employers facing ever higher civil penalties and potential criminal sanctions for knowingly employing undocumented workers. (Migration Stategies, you gotta love it. The thief comes to steal, kill & destroy and apparently helping them get into the country illegally and to obtain permanent residency status is a laudible goal vs. enforcing the criminal statutes already on the books & deporting them when caught)

To help ensure that I-9 records and procedures are beyond reproach, we conduct audits of company compliance programs, often analyzing thousands of forms and supporting documents for compliance with internal company policies and the myriad legal requirements implicated in the I-9 process.

Because we strive for in-depth familiarity with our clients’ operations, we recognize what will work in a particular business environment, and we offer the flexibility and innovation needed to tailor solutions that are best suited to a specific client.

Practical Solutions

•The centerpiece of temporarily employing foreign national workers in the United States is the “work visa.”  These nonimmigrant visa categories are short-term, time-limited, and designed for specific purposes, including work authorization. (and Doug McCarron wants to bring then to New York to work under the UBC's International Agreement, under PLA's and preferably off the books for cash, noting that the dues & work assessments do not change & that the International & D.C. always get their cut while simultaneously defrauding the benefit funds.)

•The more commonly-encountered nonimmigrant visas in the employment context include the E, H, J, L, O, P, Q and TN categories.  Each having its own particular uses and qualifications, the nonimmigrant work visa categories are complex, confusing, and in no way user-friendly. Littler has tremendous experience in working with our clients to identify and implement appropriate strategies to secure the right to work for their foreign national employees. (Foreign Nationals and Illegal Aliens do not have the "right to work" anywhere in the U.S.A., particularly in the Union context wherein the property rights provide the right of exclusion in Non Right to Work states such as New York under the NLRA Section 14(b)).

Permanent Residence

•Often, employers will require longer- or indefinite-term U.S. assignments for their foreign national employees, for which a work visa is inappropriate.  Permanent residence, or the “green card,” allows the holder to live and work in the United States permanently and is not restricted to location, purpose, or time.
•The permanent residence process generally consists of three general stages: (i) labor certification; (ii) immigrant petition on behalf of the foreign national worker; and (iii) adjustment of status. Depending upon the job and the foreign national’s credentials, some mix of these three stages will form the backbone of the process for a particular foreign national worker.

•A sound permanent residence strategy is critical to maintaining a foreign national’s right to live and work in the United States during the transition from work visa holder to permanent resident. The pitfalls are myriad and harsh in their consequences.  Our extensive experience in developing and implementing optimal solutions enables us to devise the strategy that is right for your business and your employees.