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we must act as aunion,our goal is to build up the brotherhood instead of bashing one another.our problems lie with the nonunion sector.we have good individual members who care about our union.1,we need to regain our marketshare.2,we need to bring in every available benefit ours in to sure up our benefit funds.instead of bashing our leadership we need to form commitees to help solve the evryday problems our union faces to make us a stronger union.teach the apprentices,because they are the fuyure of the brotherhood.i for 1 would like to see every member employed to regain back and to make us a powerful union something to be proud.hopefully in the near futue get rid of all the dectives and police wathing our coruption disrespect to these people it is wasting too much money out of the members hard earned money.3make our sisters strong by mentoring them.4make each and every member good mchanics and adknowledable members to silence our contractors.5 plas do not work,20percent cut in marketshare does not work either.ifeel everyone works very hard to deserve their hard earned money6last and formost let us bring pride and respect back inthe brotherhood and make us a great union to be proud of.each and every member got to do their part and then we will succeed.god bless our members,god bless the union,hope for the very best for everyone,in solidarity a caring steward