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A Tirade
— by Norman Saul Norman Saul
We call ourselves a ‘union’ and a ‘brotherhood’. What do we expect from and
to give to it? We pay dues, contributions and assessments. To what end? Are we
merely serfs paying baronial tribute to buy our ‘right to work cards’? A few of us
select administrators and advocates to represent us all. Do they? If those who
are ‘chosen’ to bargain to ‘collectively’ on our behalf are inadequate what
can be done about it? If the benefits and social services we believe we’ve
earned and paid for are not what we’ve hoped for; what redress are we
allowed to and against those we’ve entrusted with that task? Should they
remain in office? We have imposed upon us layer upon layer of watchers,
overseers and enforcers, to what end and whose benefit? Are they worth the
time, money and effort for their results? Are they just securing the status quo?
If we don’t all care enough to speak, act and vote, aren’t we choosing
‘business as usual’? In the wake of the ouster of the criminals and their corrupt
minions, what have we got left? Are we choosing by our action or inaction more
than dregs of former administrations and new power and money hungry poor
cookie cutter copies of what hasn’t worked before and still doesn’t? The few
who will read this call ourselves ‘leaders’ and ‘protectors’ (look up the word
steward); well, when do we start? Are we to be more than a small club of
grumblers and do-nothing coffee house patriots? If so, I guess I don’t understand
what DEMOCRACY, UNION and BROTHERHOOD mean. If we don’t foment
change or train ourselves in craft and leadership skills, perhaps we should plan,
picnics and fishing trips that will probably never happen either. – Norman