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Re: The Carpenters Union Now Allows (Company Men) To Act as Shop Stewards...Without Requiring ANY Shop Steward Certifications!!!
— by bulldog88 bulldog88
Thanks For The Info Dockbuilder!!!....(1) Mike Billello EST Has No Authority To INVENT A Rule Called Non Certified Stewards On 2 Man Jobs Because It Conflicts With The Bylaws.....Only The Delegates Can Change The Bylaws Correct?.....I  Repeat What I Said In Shorter Version....(1) In The Proposed Wall & Ceiling Agreement The Delgates Inserted a New Rule Called (Uncertified Company Men As Stewards)....This Rule Violates The Bylaws....The Bylaws State That Stewards Must Be Certified....Attend School....And Have Background Criminal Checks....(2) All Stewards shall be appointed by the Council Delegate Body or its duly-authorized designee in a fair and equitable manner consistent with job referral rules and the Consent Decree entered in
United States v. District Council, et al
., 90 Civ. 5722, ......(3)In The Compliance Provisions For Full Mobility The Lawyer For The District Council Also Mentions This (Illegal Invented Rule)....Called Non Certified Stewards On 2 Man a Very Small Sentence....The Lawyer Then Rambles on And Explains To The Judge How The New Full Mobility Program Will Require That Stewards  Attend Classes To Learn The New Technology...A Shop Steward suspected of failing accurately to report personnel or hours will be subject to review under the existing District Council Bylaws and procedures for reviewing issues related to Shop Steward performance, with possible additional training or forfeiture of Shop Steward certification. A Shop Steward found to have deliberately misreported personnel or hours would also be subject to removal as a Shop Steward by the District Council, to veto from the Shop Steward position by the Review Officer, and to referral of his and the employer's misconduct to law enforcement. ........I REPEAT .......THE FULL MOBILITY CIRCUS IS COMING TO NEW YORK!!!!