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The Carpenters Union Now Allows (Company Men) To Act as Shop Stewards...Without Requiring ANY Shop Steward Certifications!!!
— by bulldog88 bulldog88
Another BAD Rule Created By the DC....Currently The DC Requires Shop Stewards To Attend Classes To Get CERTIFIED....These Classes Take About 1 Year To Finish....Shop Stewards Also Have To Pay $150 BUCKS Every Few Years For Their Laser Permit....Another Few Bucks For Their Fire Department Permit....Spend Money Traveling Into The City To Renew Their Classes..The DC Also Plans To Spend Over 1 MILLION BUCKS For (The Full Mobility Program) & Electronic Devices For Shop Stewards To Prevent Illegal Activity and Corruption.......And Now The DC Will Allow (Company Men) To Be SHOP STEWARDS On (Two Man Jobs) Without Any Permits Or Certifications At All.....WTF Is Going On Here?.....
Proposed Agreement
Between the
New York City District Council of Carpenters
And the
Association of Wall-Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York, Inc.................
 Manning Provision-
The first carpenter on the jobsite shall be the Foreman and may beselected by the Employer. The second carpenter shall be the shop steward referred by theUnion. The remainder of the carpenters shall be selected by the Employer. Any employees notmembers of the NYCDCC shall be matched 1:1 from the NYCDCC Job Referral List.
 Two man jobs-
For jobs only requiring two employees, the Employer will be permitted to workwithout a certified shop steward without a time limitation. Any employee who is not a memberof the NYCDCC will be matched 1:1 from the NYCDCC Job Referral List. The Union will assignone of the two members with the duties of the shop steward. In the event of any violation of the two man rule, the contractor will lose this privilege for the remainder of the term of thecontract. If there is a third employee dispatched by the NYCDCC Job Referral List, thatemployee shall be a certified steward and the steward will remain for the duration of that
project. This is not to be used as a “head start.