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Re: Pro-tem LU 157 Pres. Gausman complains to UBC's Frank Spencer
— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
I posted this article on June 19, 2011

President Gausman Shows No Leadership

We’ve had strong presidents and weak presidents, skillful presidents and incompetent presidents, honest presidents and corrupt presidents. Gerry Gausman stands alone as the first president who simply declines to lead.

I received Gausman's "Carpenters for Solidarity,"campaign mailing on Friday, it is devoid of any substance on the issues, does not give you a single reason why you should vote and does not even mention that Gausman is the president!

After you read past the first 14 pitiful sentences you get this for a reason to vote;

"At all general membership meetings, we will inform the members on all issues, our positions on the issues, and anything we voted on at the Executive Board meeting. There will be no secrets. We are not naive enough to think this will be easy, but we are confident that once the membership is informed and has access to the same information as the Executive Board, the union will be stronger than ever."

So Gausman thinks informing the membership at a meeting is a herculean task, and if he can accomplish this task, "the union will be stronger than ever" and the members will have "their union back."

On March 21st, Gausman was constitutionally appointed Vice President pro tem, and for all intents and purposes has been in charge of the local. On March 14, former President Lawrence D'Errico received a written "NOTICE OF POSSIBLE ACTION" and has been absent since, D'Errico was officially veto by the RO on April 12.

So why is Gausman acting like he is not in charge? He has shown absolutely no leadership since taking office. He has not posted the meeting minutes on the locals website even though a motion was made and carried at the March meeting to do so. He failed to preside at the April union meeting, he is not listed as an officer on the official Local 157 website, he does not say he is the president of the local and he conducted the May meeting "ineptly, most of which was unintelligible due to a woefully inadequate sound system."

On every issue since he was appointed, Gausman has dumped responsibility and set a pattern of negligible leadership. Why is Gausman so leadership averse?

Why is there no mention of the issues on his campaign mailing or website, no mention of continued corruption, no mention of the dismal supervision, no mention of the UBC's restructuring plan and proposed by-laws that violate the rights of the local and the membership.  

Where is Gausman's plan or voice in opposition? If you are not offering a plan or voice to help protect and defend members rights, then you're in favor of the UBC's plan and agenda to violate members rights.

Gausman is correct on one thing, "this will be the most important election ever."

On June 22, you can either choose someone who is fighting for members rights or someone who is not, the choice is yours to make.