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Pro-tem LU 157 Pres. Gausman complains to UBC's Frank Spencer
— by We Never Forget We Never Forget
Credible sources report: recently elected pro tem Local 157 President Gerald Gausman has contacted UBC Eastern District Vice President-- and former Supervisor of NYCDCC-- Frank Spencer, to complain about the 157 Executive Board determination he was pro tem for meeting only.    

Following Forde regime indictments, UBC General President McCarron imposed a Trusteeship on the NYC District Council, and appointed Frank Spencer as Supervisor-- who later gave back our contractual raises to the employer associations, and then attempted to force through pro-boss Full Mobility agreements without local member input, on the last day of his UBC Trusteeship in NYC.

During Spencer's regime, in 2011, a report by UBC Chief of Staff Phil Newkirk, including: "THE PROPOSED NEW YORK CITY RESTRUCTURING PLAN," was submitted to the U.S. Attorney's Office, and Southern District Federal Court Judge Berman, who presides over the Consent Decree.

The 'Newkirk Plan' involves dissolution and/or merging of NYC Locals, and chartering of new Locals, including an 'Interior Systems LU' aka 'Local 395.' Members categorized as 'interior systems carpenters' would be transferred out of remaining Locals 157, and 45-- into 'LU 395.' According to labor law, and the UBC Constitution, McCarron would then have the power to appoint all new LU officers, and delegates.

Also in 2011, following the dissolution of Local 608, then pro tem LU 157 President Mike Bilello appointed former LU 608 Vice President Gerry Gausman to the office of 157 V.P. Later, when running for EST, Bilello brought in Gausman to run as Council Warden, on his 'Rank and File Team' slate-- with a platform for Member ratification of Contracts, transparency, and against Full Mobility.

Gausman lost his election; and EST Bilello reneged on core 'Rank and File Team' campaign promises.

Eyewitnesses report: Gausman recently 'kissed the ring' at campaign fundraising party of former 608 Officer, Forde appointed Political Director, and now Council President, Steve McInnis.

 Special Election Edition –2011 District Council Election Of Officers

Gerard (Gerry)Gausman
As a proud member of the Carpenters Union for 28 years, I am honored to run on the Rank & File Team. There are very few times in one’s life that you can say “I made a difference.” This election is one of those times. Please mail in your ballot as soon as you receive it and make your voice heard. All ballots must be received by the District Council by 5pm on December 15th.

Our team represents a unified front for the membership. We believe in the voice of the members and we want to hear your issues. It is our pledge to you that all delegates and officers will be held accountable. We will institute a roll call in order to promote transparency; thus giving members the knowledge on how each person voted.

As a father of 3 wonderful boys, I teach my children to look out for their brothers. This is the same message that I stand for today: I will look out for my brothers and sisters. I believe that members should vote on every contract and that we need to revise the 20% pay cuts from PLAs. Furthermore, our vacation pay should not be double assessed on these PLA jobs as these members are already taking a hit in their wallets. The continuation of PLAs should be terminated.

It is my belief that there should be a modified hiring hall. The out of work list has failed us. If a carpenter is sent to a job for drywall and framing then he/she must be competent at that position. Just like if a concrete carpenter gets sent to a concrete job then he/she must be competent to work with concrete. The list is in such disarray, that as a result carpenters are desperate for work and some may overstate their abilities. Carpenters must be accurately matched to the work that they are dispatched to. For years now the District Council has been “business as usual” and this must stop. The ownership of the Union must go back into the hands of the members. The Rank & File Team will deliver this to the membership.