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— by Shoppy 1 Shoppy 1
Best man got the job? The election is over genius, so now you can get back to "American Idol", and "Dancing with the Stars". ANYONE would have been better than O"bama. When we're Greece in a year or two, moron on the left will still be blaming Bush. It's just fucking pathetic. How in God's name can we elect a president that gave us 4 horrible years, and made it 10 times worse than when Bush left. Steady 8% unemployment, $4 gas, A trillion in stimulus down the drain, Fast and furious, Bengazi, it's unreal how bad this guy is. Democrats are the dumbest motherfuckers on the face of the earth. When we're living in the land of poverty in a few years, you pathetic bastards will still be blaming Bush, and the liberal media will continue the propaganda. The scary thing is that you morons will continue to believe it no matter how bad it gets. $ Americans were killed in Bengazi while a US drone watch for hours without sending help, then Obama and his minions lied straight out by blaming it on that stupid video when they knew damn well it was a well planned terrorist attack. They have emails showing the ambassador begging for protection before it happened. The liberal media hardly reported it. Disgraceful! This is the kind of country you want to live in? Then when these incompetent bastards are asked to explain how this happened, they accuse republicans of racism. Your country is turning into a dictatorship with the help of the liberal media. People have to start doing their homework. They don't even know what they are voting for. How could they when the biggest Obama backers are the people reporting the news.