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— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
This is a blatantly false claim that the “Woodworkers” Association has been awarded $65 million dollars and that EST Mike Bilello has “extended" Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh's contract in exchange for "getting your liability for the settlement reduced."

First, the apparent reference to the MWA being awarded $65 million in the Gilbert-MFN matter is a purposeful fabrication. There has been no award. In fact, the District Council filed its brief regarding damages with the AAA on Friday and it is expected that no decision on damages will be rendered for a matter of weeks.
Second, the RO has never had a “contract” with the District Council. The RO is an appointee of the United States District Court pursuant to a federal court order. That order expires on December 3, 2012. Under the order, The RO has the right to make a motion to extend his tenure under the order by six months.

The RO has publicly stated that he will do so in the absence of an extension stipulation.  Some weeks ago, the United States Attorney asked the Benefit Funds and the District Council to extend the tenure of the RO by 18 months. The trustees of the Benefit Funds have informed the RO and the government that they agree to such an extension.

Also it is my understanding that the District Council also agrees with the proposal, but the stipulation contemplated has not yet been presented to the delegate body.  
The RO issued a public statement on July 21, regarding his intention to intervene with the District Court should egregious damages be awarded in the MWA matter and the purpose of the Consent Decree thereby thwarted (by rendering the District Council bankrupt or paralyzed by lack of funds to properly operate).
When I have a chance I will post an update on the MWA in the main section of the blog.

In the future please do not misled the membership of this union by such a gross misstatement of what you purport to be “fact.”