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— by Rev Al Rev Al
Any mother fucking member who doesn't reside in the 5 BOROUGHS is a OUT OF TOWNER. Dont try to twist this Lebo because Rev Al knew you were full of shit along time ago. Go back to your shitholes and stop leeching off the 5 BOROUGH TAXPAYING MEMBER. Suck my dick LEBO + YOU PAY THE LOCALTAX. Stop trying to blame OUT OF TOWNERS from other parts of the US + not include the non-paying 5 BOROUGH LOCAL TAX leeches from LI, PA + NJ. LI,,PA +NJ non- paying leeches hurt the 5 BOROUGH TAXPAYER way more than other US shitholes. 5 BOROUGH LOCAL TAXPAYING members dont care what shithole you come from. A leech is a leech. Your a piece of shit + expect 5 BOROUGH TAXPAYING MEMBERS to sit quiet + let you bullshit us. Simply put, YOUR SCUM !