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9a or 8f Does it really Matter
— by Robert Kwiecinski Robert Kwiecinski
Does the status of 9a or 8f matter to a new union recognized by NLRB election. If a new union is formed and recognized by the NLRB as the new bargaining representative of the old union's men, does the 9a with the old union matter ? I don't think the 9a has any leaverage with the old union as they do not represent the members anymore. All the members of the new union must all be rolled over into the new union because of the majority vote for the new union by NLRB election. I believe the 9a binding status between the old union and contractors is null and void. The UBC is only a representative of the members by choice. Once the members choose another representing union, the UBC will be locked out of the bargaing area.    Comments ?