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— by Ted Ted
Tom - toss the contract in the trash can and start over. Doug McCarron is trying to end run the Consent Decree, plain and simple (along with every labor law on the book).

Given the lengthy and failed history of the Consent Decree to control corruption within the NYCDCC for 22-years & 7 months, at some point the Court must acknowledge their role and the UBCJA's International's role in both facilitating and all but encouraging more of it; and, failing to get it under control.

Doug McCarron has been at the helm from day one, feigning clean hands and playing the role of the martyr to the Court while the criminal activity increased and flourished under his command.

The two States (New York & New Jersey) legislatures have a duty to set up a two state compact to regulate and control corruption within the NYCDCC; and submit it to the Congress for an up or down vote; whereas, McCarron & the UBCJA International do not have that right.

The USAO & RO are aware of his attempts to end run the Consent Decree every bit as much as the recent Bisceleglie/Amalgamated effort. McCarron is limited to submitting a formal motion to the Court to amend the Consent Decree which is what he seeks to do here....wrest control of one Contract (CBA) for the floorlayers, take it over/across State Lines and out of the view, site and control of the Federal Court in New York.

The Floor layers Contract was put forth by design (not to make too many waves) to see if he could slip it by the USAO & RO and also bypass Federal Judge Richard M. Berman's authority w/o submission of a formal motion to the Court to amend the Consent Decree and take the Floor layers over the State Line in the dead of night while no one was paying attention.

McCarron should be charged and held in contempt of Court for this move - bottom line.