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— by Ted Ted
excerpt, Carpenters Local 143

Considering all these factors, however, I think it reasonable to conclude that where as here a union contracts for a certain geographical preference, any further or narrower "geographical" claim advanced by the Union in seeking job preference is spurious,
and is not founded on legitimate geographical considerations, but on the statutorily impermissible ground of preference for members of, or persons referred by, the Union over members of another local. Cf. Shattuck Denn Mining Corporation v. N.L.R.B., 362 F.2d 466, 470 (C.A. 9).

NYCDCC has "contracted for a certain Geographical Preference", that being the defined area of the District Council, as noted within the Contract (CBA).

Said Jurisdiction is a definitive source of wealth for its members, above and beyond all others and it remains a Property Right under NLRA Sec. 14(b).

New York is not a "RIGHT TO WORK" (RTW) STATE, thus enforcement of the property right which is the source or element of wealth for its Members must be preserved and it must be fought for; notwithstanding McCarron & Conboys false claims that UBC Members, non-members, travelers, cash workers and illegal aliens have the uncontested right to work in the NYC District Council via the threat to impart 100% Full Mobility.

McCarron,Conboy & the Contractor Associations are not the Congress! They do not have any right to change, alter or amend Federal law, contrary to their belief that they are above the law, that they can use the Consent Decree (a private contract) and the United States Attorneys Office or the Court appointed Review Officer to accomplish their illegal objective.

They simply do not have this power.

When those efforts failed, McCarron & Conboy concoted a scheme wherein they would have the Contractor Associations threaten the new Federal Judge (Richard M. Berman) with a refusal to Bargain or Negotiate in Good Faith, should Judge Berman not kow-tow to their illegal demands.

Because the above parties refuse to uphold the laws, their last ditch effort is to pray that the members rubber stamp their illegal actions by giving a yes Vote to the proposed Final Contracts, therein lending the illegal acts an air of credibility.