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— by Rev Al Rev Al
Get out of my city you leech + go back to your drug infested shithole. Have fun with NJ's real estate when the Middle East starts playing army. If you think the path train will save shithole Jersey City your one big fucking fool. 7$$$ gas will have all of NJ on its knees so start sucking Mayor Rev Al's big black cock. Get off your ass & start organizing NJ if your such a great worker. Are you a company lapdog who's all for full mobility ? The nycdcc lets OUT OF TOWNERS vote on a 5 BOROUGH contract. Do we have a vote in NJ's contracts ? YOUR A LEECH & A MAGGOT & your leeching days are numbered. The aides of Bloomberg read this blog so keep fucking 5 BOROUGH TAXPAYING members so you prove our case. The nycdcc better make sure their within the law because NYC will protect their taxpayers & their tax base. Your a piece of shit & it's simple as that.