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— by procity procity
according to tim us city people arent hard workers like the people from new jersey and long island who have city local cards

the city  guys your working with are keeping their mouths shut to keep their jobs.when i ask a city guy about residents not getting jobs in the city before you jersey and long island guys they tell me different. is it true most of the workers at the wtc are from new jersey ??.  300 union members gave up their city union cards because they couldnt get work thru their own city local union .you gonna tell me because they werent hard workers like you jersey guys they left the union. they left the union because they werent getting hard work like you get in their city. those city guys should not have left the union should have made you leave before a city guy leaves. we live here we didnt move across the tappanzee bridge nor did we move to p.a. my property taxes are going up in july, do you care no. the only reason you are in the city is because of the money.the reason im in the city is because im born and raised here and im here to stay

im only practicing what new jersey and long island locals preach those locals and companies dont like us city people so i dont like them.

like rev al says fuck l.i and n.j   this is our city  it sux that we have to listen to your hard work b s