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— by Tim Tim
Working at world trade center from jersey city. 4 dollars total commute. Suck a fat dick rev al. No gas. You must be the most incompetent carpenter in the world. If you worked for a company and they said they were sending you out of town, you wouldn't go? Your full of shit. Your one of those guys that cost the company more money than they make, therefore, your always out of work, and always complaining. That's why you constantly bump this thread, your a drama queen with no skills. If this was such a huge issue with the majority of posters on this board, it would be a lot more than the same whole FIVE guys talking about it. I've never ran into a single ny guy yet at the trade center that wasn't more than a great guy and had nothing bad to say. Can you even lift Sheetrock or a heavy gauge stud without complaining. Good workers work, and always find a way to work. Your that small percentage that wants to float through doing nothing except crying, nobody guaranteed you anything. This isnt 1970, you actually have to work hard and be aggressive, if not just fucking quit.