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You better believe in the Amalgamated Dockbuilders or you will be stuck with McCarron. The NYCDC will be disolved just like 1456. Come on guys WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. The Carpenters should follow the Dockbuilders otherwise McCarronism will spell your death. You can't trust McCarron, here's why. HIS plan was to hire Walsh and his kangeroo court to eliminate and merge locals. He also hired Conboy to help destroy the council. He had Frank Spenser hire the Retired NJ State Police Officer who is the manageing director of the NYCDC. He was hired because they said he was a specialist in getting Consent Decrees removed. Can't you see the writing on the wall??????? With ONE STROKE of the MIGHTY McCARRON PEN THE NYCDC DISAPPEARS. He dissolves all the locals and forms 3 new ones (395A Construction Carpenters, 395B Specialty locals Rugs, Millrwights, Timbermen; 395C Shop locals). After he appoints Officers, etc. in the new locals he then tells them that they are now proud members of the NORTHEAST REGIONAL COUNCIL. All your money (billions) will be transferred to the NRC (Northeast Regional Council) their funds aren't doing to well. McCarron and the NRC lost millions of pension dollars with the Bernie Madoff fraud. You will be in the NRC pension fund and medical program. This will all happen after Walsh leaves and the NJ State Trooper gets rid of the Consent Decree. He will also transfer the 395 Hudson street building to the NRC, and they will rent out the 9th and 10th floors as there will be no benefit fund employees (Fund was transferred to NRC). The three 395ABC will have to rent offices.